Twelve Months Prior to the Event

  • Interested person(s) should attend one of the Youth Hunting Day events in Middlesex, Perth or Elgin counties
  • Discuss any questions or concerns with the respective planning committees
  • Review the Youth Hunting Day Planning Tool Kit web site

Nine Months Prior to the Event

  • Establish a planning committee to organize the event. Elect a chair if necessary.
  • Set a     budget     recognizing the biggest expense will be purchasing the pheasants and lunch related items
  • Establish specific goals and objectives for your event building on safety and education
  • Select a location and date for the event having regard to other hunting seasons such as controlled deer hunts
  • Obtain or partner with another organization that has a Commercial General Liability and Directors and Officers insurance coverage to protect the planning committee and volunteers should an injury occur.
  • Determine the number of Apprentices you will be comfortable with participating in the event
  • Determine the activities and stations that you will have in your event such as an orientation, trap shooting, hunting, field dressing etc.
  • Develop promotional materials such as brochures and posters
  • Develop an application form to register Apprentices and Mentors

Six Months Prior to the Event

  • Station leads develop a list of material, supplies and equipment needs
  • Distribute information packages including promotional materials and application forms to hunter safety instructors and sporting good stores to recruit participants.
  • Designate one person to handle all telephone inquiries and registrations  
  • Contact food service providers for pricing and availability on the day of your event

Three Months Prior to the Event

  • Obtain permits and approvals from OMNR for releasing wild pheasants for the purpose of hunting
  • Obtain prizes for the events
  • Check existing inventory of supplies against materials, supplies and equipment needed.
  • Arrange for St. John’s Ambulance to be on site and delivery of the port-a-johns

One Month Prior to the Event

  • Ensure that approval for releasing pheasants is in place.
  • Organize participants into groups of three or four Apprentices plus their Mentors
  • Send out confirmation letters to each Apprentice to confirm registration, group number and expectations
  • Meet with volunteers to ensure they know their role and responsibilities on the event day

Two Days Prior to the Event

  • Set up fields for hunting by constructing straw piles and placing open ended chimneys.
  • Number individual fields to be hunted, access routes and parking areas
  • Set up numbered stakes where Marshals are going to meet the Apprentices and Mentors
  • Laminate map of the site and individual fields for distribution to Marshals and dog handlers on the event day.

Event Day

  • Coordinate radios so planning committee members, Marshals, dog handlers and volunteers are on the same frequency.
  • Have someone assigned to take photos
  • Have someone assigned to coordinate communications to see that the event stations are flowing on time and to be available

After the Event

  • Planning committee meets to review what went well and where improvements could be made
  • Volunteers and sponsors receive formal recognition