Once all the Apprentices and Mentors are at their numbered stakes, the Field Marshal should begin with informal introductions so the group gets to know each other. Afterward, the Field Marshal should review the confirmation letter with their group so they have a good understanding of the event format and expectations at each of the stations.  As well, this should be the group’s first of two or three exposures to the safety rules list.

At this point Apprentices should be separated from the Mentors for the hunter safety “refresher” from a Certified Hunter Safety Instructor and the presentation from the Conservation Officer on why game laws are important, hunting on private land and the role of a Conservation Officer.

Separating the Apprentices from the Mentors will ensure the speakers have their full attention. As well, this is a good time for the dog handlers to say a few words about safety when hunting over their dogs.

In total the combined talks should take 30 minutes including questions.