A specific time should be set for the Apprentices and Mentors to arrive at the event location. They should be met by a greeter at the entrance to direct them to the registration area. Here, they should have their names checked off, advised where to take their firearm and the numbered stake location to meet their Field Marshal. Apprentices should also be provided with direction on taking their firearm to a portable gun rack as the temporary storage area until it is needed at the trap shooting station.

Prior to the Apprentices arriving, Field Marshals should be refreshed on their roles and responsibilities, assigned a group number and oriented to the field they will be hunting. They should also be provided with a laminated map of their hunting area so they can see where their group will be hunting in relation to surrounding features, public roads, access routes and the other hunting areas.

The dog handlers should be provided with the same laminated maps and orientation along with an opportunity to see the hunting area where their dog will be working.