Welcome to the Youth Hunting Day Planning Tool Kit website. It has been created through a cooperative effort between the Elgin Stewardship Council, Perth Stewardship Network as a planning aid to assist other organizations in running a successful event.

Most hunting organizations in Ontario would agree that recruitment and retention of new hunters is probably the most significant challenge facing them in ensuring our hunting heritage is protected and that the passion for this sport carries on to future generations.

In response to this challenge and the long history that hunters have with conservation of our natural resources, the stewardship councils developed the Youth Hunting Day event. Simply stated, it provides Apprentices in the province’s Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program with a high quality hunting experience in a safe environment.

Funding to support this web site and the companion products was provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources’- Ontario Stewardship Opportunity Fund. The information, ideas and tips are based on the 10 successful events held since 2005 and should be viewed as a useful planning tool in developing an event for your area.

Information provided in this website is for guidance purposes only; the Stewardship Councils are not responsible for the use or misuse of the information by others.

Starting an Event

If you are looking to start an event like this for your area, please consider the proven model that we have developed. It is our goal to expand this event to more than 40 counties across southern Ontario in the next five years, and with your help, it can be achieved. Also, if you do plan to proceed with an event, kindly let us know through the contact us including the date, location, sponsoring group and if you have found the web site helpful.


Planning Toolkit is available on CD to Order please email.



Events Calendar

12/08/2014 00:00
Youth Hunting Events Elgin County Saturday, December 3, 2016 Fingal Wildlife Management Area Middlesex County Sunday, November 6, 2016 Gold Creek Farms For Elgin and Middlesex County Youth Hunts contact Graham Decow 519 - 631 - 4491